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Supervision For Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Supervision is a support system that sustains health care professionals in their work practice.  It is essential for the supervisory process to be based on a collaborative working alliance that facilitates an environment of trust, safety and respect for each party involved.

At Aspects Therapy we use an integrative approach to supervision, which links the goals and purposes, to the tasks involved.  The methods are in keeping with the supervisee’s developmental level, and are tailored to meet  individual learning needs.  The techniques are designed to add quality to professional practice, and while assisting with work efficacy, they also serve to promote the autonomy of the supervisee.


At Aspects, you can find supervision for:

Medical Practitioners


Health-Care Workers

All Members of the IACP who operate as Counsellor / Psychotherapists under the IACP Code of Ethics and Practise are obligated to engage in regular supervision.  The IACP considers clinical supervision essential in maintaining appropriate standards of Counselling / Psychotherapy.