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Counselling For Panic Attacks

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Support For Panic Attacks

At Aspects Therapy, we offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for panic attacks, as well as an extensive combination of CBT techniques that prove instrumental for overcoming such attacks. Our psychotherapists are highly trained to identify cognitive distortions, challenge irrational beliefs and adjust perceptual interpretations, all of which have a tremendous success rate in cognitive restructuring.

We offer practical interventions for physical symptom reduction and integrate a psychoanalytic strategy, to explore and identify unconscious source anxieties which may manifest during a panic attack.

How Aspects Tackle Panic Attacks

When unrealistic expectations of events are understood, clients can acquire the necessary skills, such as controlled breathing and relaxation methods,to overcome the attack as soon as it begins.  Once our client’s learn ways to identify environmental or psychological triggers, they can then consciously alter their perspectives in panic-inducing circumstances.

Once the appropriate skills have been attained, clients can then successfully learn to control the panic attack, rather than the panic attack controlling them.  As an end result people can learn to eliminate panic attacks completely in order to experience a much healthier quality of life..

A person prone to panic attacks may struggle with a lack of social support, emotional and psychological problems, financial issues, illness or stressful life events.

What Are Panic Attacks?

Induced by extreme levels of anxiety and apprehension, a panic attack occurs when a person’s stress levels or feelings of fear intensify, and when they are unequipped with the inner resources to combat the attack. Panic attacks can be instantaneously triggered by certain environmental stimuli or can occur as a result of certain cognitive processes.  The mind and body experience a surge of intense symptoms,which can last for several minutes or even hours, leaving the sufferer feeling entirely drained from the experience. The physical symptoms vary in accordance to the individual’s perception of the circumstances.

Causes of Panic Attacks

Loss of control
Feeling overwhelmed
Surges of fear/anxiety
Catastrophic thinking
Psychological instability
Emotional imbalance
Extreme fright
Excessive stress

Physical Symptoms

Increased heart rate
Hyperventilation/shallow breathing
Tight chest
Tingling sensation in hands

What Causes a Panic Attack?

Panic attacks are mainly caused by fear, and as a result, adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, which provides the body with a heightened response in a crises situation.  Although this physical response can assist in a crisis, the panic attack it is often perceived by the person experiencing it to be more critical than what it actually is.

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