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Skype Online  Counselling

Online video counselling is increasing in popularity and is proving to be highly successful as a convenient form of counselling and psychotherapy.  Because of the demands of everyday life, work commitments, family obligations and social duties, time these days, is of the essence.   For those under time constraints or who find distance a problem, you can bring counselling to the comfort of your own home.  Technology in such cases, serves as a useful commodity for accessing the professional help  and support one may require.


Aspects Therapy offers counselling at your convenience

You can access our online counselling via Skype

Help is available at the push of a button

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Instructions for Skype Counselling:

1. Fill out our contact form (below) and you will receive confirmation via e-mail providing you with further details.

2. Download and install the latest version of Skype.

3. Create a Skype account.

4. When you book your appointment, we will provide you with our Skype username to add to your contact list.


imagesPayments can be made through PayPal