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Counselling For Depression

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Care And Support For Depression

Here at Aspects, our client-empowered philosophy is based on the principles of Reality Therapy/Choice Theory which is proving highly successful in treating depression. To overcome the condition, we have also developed a program that incorporates specific techniques attuned to body, mind and spirit.  As depression is an emotional and psychological state with physical symptoms as a result, our counsellors and psychotherapists educate clients about the dynamics of the condition.

Knowledge is power and when clients become fully informed, their perspectives on depression can be vastly broadened.  Along with teaching our clients appropriate skills to manage mental health issues effectively, for the purpose of symptom reduction, we help our clients to construct realistic goals and implement practical life changes.

How Aspects See Depression

Some consider depression as a mental illness or a hereditary condition.  We at Aspects Therapy, along with many mental health practitioners, hold the opinion that depression is a normal emotional response to painful circumstances.  In our view, change in one’s psychological state is not a disease attributed to a sick brain, but the result of a person’s experiences, thoughts and feelings.

For example, someone grieving the death of a loved one will understandably feel emotional pain and will experience varying levels of depression in response. When in pain the most natural thing in the world is to cry, yet too many view their emotional states as personal inadequacies.  People often feel ashamed for feeling the way they do and believe that there is something wrong with them, getting caught in a cyclical loop of depression as a result.


We promote the remarkable benefits of mindfulness and self-care practices for improving well-being, which in turn, facilitates the healing process immensely.

What Is Depression?

Considered one of the most debilitating psychological conditions, international figures reveal that depression affects a vast 300 million people. Without appropriate support or inner resources, untreated depression can become chronic, resulting in a prolonged state of helplessness and hopelessness, and with little optimism for the future.  For those who experience depression, life itself can be an endurance. The condition can alter the sufferer’s perspective of reality and where they often tend to withdraw socially and interpersonally, it can leave the individual feeling isolated and alone.

Symptoms Of Depression

Emotional Sensitivity

Decrease in Self-esteem







Loss of Appetite/Over-eating

Poor Concentration

What Causes Depression?

Stressful life events, such as; bereavement, relationship breakup, health issues and financial hardship, all have the potential to induce depression. In addition, many convenience foods contain synthetic chemicals that have been scientifically proven to be mood-altering, which adversely affect not just physical health, but mental health as well. Because of pre-menstrual tension and post-natal depression, a higher percentage of women suffer from depression in comparison to men.

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