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Relationship Counselling

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Counselling For Relationship Issues

Relationship counselling greatly reduces the risk of divorce or separation.  At Aspects, we assist with partnerships in crises.  With the help our our therapists, couples can learn; effective communication, problem-solving skills, conflict resolution techniques, and collaborate approaches to relationships.  Our aim is to significantly reduce conflict within the relationship and to increase partner compatibility. 

Our track record shows that clients experience improved interpersonal styles, which dramatically enhances the quality of relationships.  In order to combat problems, we provide education on how to preserve the union.  Despite any challenges, we believe that if a relationship can work, it is worth working on.

Why Do Couples Break Up?

Communication breakdown
Trust issues
Intimacy problems
Financial insecurity
Domestic violence
Continuous conflict
Unresolved issues

The 7 Deadly habits within relationships: nagging, blaming, criticising, threatening, punishing, complaining and rewarding to control.

Relationship Issues

With 60% of European marriages ending in divorce, couples counselling is not just important, but necessary when cracks begin to surface within a relationship. As soon as problems arise, if unequipped with constructive resources for conflict resolution, the chances for relationship breakdown, separation or divorce, will significantly increase. 

The majority of relationship issues derive from a breakdown in communication where many struggle to articulate difficulties and convey feelings to their partner/spouse, and as a result, adopt ineffective communication styles. Conflict can however, present as an opportunity to overcome obstacles, if approached from an emotionally mature and skillful perspective. 

These destructive habits are exercised when one’s ideal picture of their romantic partner does not reflect what they experience in reality. When the nature of the relationship does not correspond to the individual’s expectations, they will always feel discontent and resort to subtle or blatant forms of control. In an unsatisfying relationship, controlling behaviours and methods of communication are implemented in order to meet unfulfilled needs within the relationship.

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