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Bereavement Counselling & Grief Therapy

Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most agonising life events a person can experience. Whether facing the shock of a beloved’s sudden death or dealing with the sense of hopelessness attached to terminal illness, unfortunately there are situations in life that are beyond our control. The pain attributed to bereavement can feel overwhelming and there is usually a period of great difficulty in adjusting to life without the departed person and coming to terms with the loss.

The emotional upheaval that accompanies loss is very common, yet so many are unaware that such emotions are in fact normal responses in the context of grieving. They are simply necessary reactions in the paradigm of healing. Although grief is predominantly associated with death, there are many other life events that incur loss. People often go through a similar grieving process (albeit unknowingly) over the loss of a relationship, a friendship, a job, financial security, loss of identity, a role or a lifestyle. In such cases the severity of the loss can be as significant as a death and can induce similar emotional responses for those involved.

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Complicated Grief

When the grieving process entails confusion or inner conflict over the deceased, it is classified as complicated grief. In cases like this, the complexities attached to grieving can create obstacles in terms of the bereaved individual attaining closure. For instance, estranged or conflict/abuse-based relationships can leave unfinished business and unresolved issues pending. Under these circumstances, counselling and psychotherapy can help bring about the necessary closure around such issues.

As the grief process is non-linear in nature, the stages can therefore emerge randomly, simultaneously, cyclically or can even affect the bereaved indefinitely. As a result, people often feel as though they are digressing in their healing, as opposed to progressing.

Grief Counselling

By supporting our clients through the various stages of grief, counselling proves instrumental in easing the pain and struggle attached to bereavement. As well as providing emotional support throughout the therapeutic process, our therapists assist clients in acquiring deeper insights into the denial, bargaining, anger and depression stages involved, in order to transcend the grieving process and attain acceptance.

Educating our clients about the complex effects of grief, facilitates conscious awareness of the process involved and the personal suffering incurred. In order to move through bereavement in a more harmonious way, our therapists go through the pragmatic processes attributed to loss, which improves the overall functionality of the grieving client.

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